Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spooky Garland

Another project completed! Inspired by this post, here's my tutorial-

What you'll need-
*Halloween garland template from Paper Crave printed
*Black cardstock
*Craft knife
*Black thread

This one is easy peasy, just takes a little time and patience. Print out the template. I did one set in standard size and one in half size so I could have a little variety in my garland.

Then cut out the shapes on the template (I wish I had some white cardstock I could have printed the template on, it would have made cutting it out much easier).

Trace the template shapes onto your cardstock and cute those pieces out. This is a bit tedious and definitely makes me wish I could afford a Silhouette SD.

Once you have your pieces all cut, arrange them in a pattern that pleases you and tape them to long strands of thread. (p.s. See those fang shapes? I got those from cutting out the bats! The Craftapus never wastes a good fang!)

I made a strip of cardstock (taped together) to tape the finished strands to. Then, simply hang and enjoy!

Now, I just have to do it all over again for the kitchen window so my OCD doesn't keep me up at night!

The Craftapus

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