Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Countdown Calender

This is the first year I'm really able to start holiday traditions in my family. Baby Craftapus is finally old enough to start participating and having our own home makes us proud to be able to decorate and totally get into the holidays. 

I picked up this Halloween countdown calender at Target a few years ago on super clearance and starting at the beginning of October, Baby Craftapus has been getting special treats every morning.

This particular countdown calender has tiny little doors to stash your treats, but you can buy or make a variety of different types. Here's a great tutorial for a Pottery Barn style hanging calender.

Baby Craftapus's countdown calender has lot of different types of treats as of course, I didn't want her to get bored! Most days have a cute Halloween themed sticker, a few days have candy (that I only give her a tiny taste of), there are little slips of paper with activities (story time at Barnes & Noble, pumpkin patch photo shoot, trick or treating, etc) and there are also Halloween dollars (I just printed these out) that she uses to buy various items from the "magic" hall closet. So far, she's bought a board book, her costume, a matching costume for her Build a Bear kitty, a witch My Little Pony (her first MLP *sniff sniff*) and her last dollar will be used to buy a pack a glow bracelets to wear while trick or treating.

Some might call this overkill, but seeing her face light up every morning when she wakes up, remembers the calender, runs to it pointing and saying "that that that" over and over again is just priceless to me. I plan to come up with something similar for December as well.

The Craftapus

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