Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guest Blogger Post- Halloween Felt Book with the Thoughtful Mother!

 Heather Thalwitzer, author of the blog Thoughtful Mothering (currently on an unintended hiatus) would love to share her Halloween creation with Craftapus readers. Heather got inspired to make a felt Halloween book originally from a Facebook posting by Craftapus author, Sarah Boye. Heather is passionate about raising a compassionate & caring son, natural foods, Florida's habitats, & she loves all animals.

Tons of Eco-felt (bought at Joanne, etc..)
Hot glue (prefer it for crafting- very nontoxic for the littles.)
Some yarn (found a 99 cent bundle at Joannes)
A thick "yarn needle" - for binding the book
Good scissors
Pen, paper, ideas

I wanted to create an original (not mass produced), sugar-free Halloween treat for my son. When I saw the idea for this this book, I immediately came-up with a way that I could make it. I'm not really a sophisticated crafter, so warning to the elite- it requires lots of hot glue.

 First I came up with scene ideas for the pages. Then I drew out what I thought I couldn't free-hand cut from the felt. For example, the witch, the ghosts, the haunted house, the bats, the smaller jack o lantern, the largest spider, etc... were all drawn on paper first. I placed the paper on top of the felt and cut both at once with a really good pair of crafting Friskers scissors. 

Some of it I just cut- the largest jack o lantern, the small spiders, the fall leaves, eventually some bats, and some of the monsters.

Once I had a whole page cut out, I'd arrange it on a piece of felt and hot glue all the pieces once I was happy with the arrangement.

All scenes were original ideas, with some inspiration from google image searches for a few things (monster, haunted house, fall leaves.) 

I would love to add to the book next year or even make another. I wanted to make a skeleton in a graveyard scene with a spooky tree. My son loves guitars, so I was going to give all the skeletons guitars. Each time I tried drawing a skeleton on paper, however, I was not happy with the results. Too intimidating for now.

Have a safe & happy Halloween, happy crafting, & thanks for the opportunity to guest post.


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