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Guest Blogger Post- Costumes Galore from Sew Nerdy!

Need some costume inspiration this year? Well, look no further than Craftapus's newest (and first!) guest blogger, Sydney MacDonald (aka Sew Nerdy) for tons of fantastic ideas! Sydney is quite the seamstress, true blue nerd and one of The Craftapus's very bestest friends. Below you'll find a round up of costume's she has made for herself and her family with details about each costume. I do hope you'll enjoy!

The Craftapus

Hi! Sydney here! I spent a lot of time on these costumes which were mostly for cons, but also for the best holiday of all, Halloween! Please keep in mind that I didn't use patterns for any of these costumes, so don't judge me too harshly for the lack of perfection!

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride was my first *real* costume experience. The wig was handmade by my husband and I. We sewed strips of yarn into a bald cap. The head piece was fake flowers woven together and painted, veil is just a scrap of sheer fabric I had. The corset was bought, but modified with beads, taken in, and had extra padding (because not all of us are built like a comic book!). The skirt was fun. I took a long piece of fabric, and folded the short side into the long side, making a lopsided funnel shape. Putting this on, I adjusted it to my waist, and double stick tapped the seams. It became an instant train! Very easily done.


My skirt was made from a random couch cover I had. The fabric had an insert for the arm rest, which made a perfect train. Just added the front mini skirt, and lace. Gun Holster was made from pleather, and I used white pleather to put a pleated border on the thigh strap. Lace Fingerless gloves as well. Jacket was store bought, but altered. Used an old suede jacket for my husband's costume. Just sewed on patches on the neck and elbows. Used suspenders to support the Lego.

Pregnant Padme Amidala (Star Wars)

My mom and I worked on this costume. I was roughly 8 months pregnant. The pants I found at Ross, the Shoes at Payless. My mom had a Maternity pattern she modified to fit the style of the shirt. The sleeves I made. It was a stretchy fabric, so I only needed to make it tight enough to stay on. We found a great embroidery shop near us, and the man there did the Insignia on the sleeve. The "support strap" was more difficult. I used pleather and sewed the sides together, inside out. Then turned it out. Eventually I figured a way to use velcro to hold it all together.

The 2nd is Barriss Offee (Star Wars)

This is a great example of an easy cape. The only sewing involved was right at the neck, connecting the hood. This was done by hand. I took two large triangles, (the length of the cape) and used double stick tape to hold them together. Hemmed with double stick tape. For the hood, cut a square out of fabric folded in half. Open the fabric, and sew to the cape. It's very easy. Took me about 3 hours total. Double stick on all the hems. This cape is about 5 years old, and holding together fine.

Mirax Terrik, Simon as Boba Fett (Star Wars)

This is my husband's and mine work. The costume I'm wearing was mostly found items. But the gun holster was made by me. I also re purposed a few items for this. Mainly the belt, which was from another costume.

The back of the jacket is in the next picture, hand painted. I just drew the design onto the jacket with a pencil, filled in with general Acrylic paint.
My husband's costume is a Dickies jumpsuit (bought from an outlet). I made a lot of additions to it- pockets, etc. The Spats for the shoes are actually attached to the pants for ease. The shoes were painted with black stripes The cape was sewn just as a square, and then cinched to stay right at his one shoulder, it's tied on with embroidery thread. We then scrapped it on the ground, burned and cut it to get the look of age. All the Lego is held on with Velcro! Just sewed the velcro to the fabric, and then glued the other side of the Velcro to the Lego. All non fabric components are Lego.


My husband made the whole thing out of Lego. The shirt I made with a stretchy vinyl, and vest made as well. Added some extra padding for the Lego chest plate to sit comfortably on his shoulders.

Avalon as Max Rebo (Star Wars)

No idea why this picture won't orientate properly...sorry!
 Max Rebo is an elephant like character. I bought two of the same pajama set. Cut the legs off one for a trunk, and attached it to her pacifier. The hat was a simple skull cap style, just added the ears and buttons for eyes. I used my old Boppy, and sewed a cover for it out of a pillow case. Dyed the cover with tea to look brass like. Then painted on the keys, for his wrap around organ.

Avalon as Princess Leia (Star Wars)

My daughter's second Halloween costume. I found an angel costume on sale for $5, which is cheaper than I could buy the fabric for. I cut off the solid white sleeves, the collar, and some accents that were sewn into the dress. Added the sheer sleeves. Sleeves can be tricky. Once I have then cut out and sewn, it always takes me some time to remember how I sew them in. What I recommend is to pin them first, turn the garment right side out and make sure it's correct. I added the silver belt. No one could recognize the costume when I was done with it.

Avalon as Cindel Towanni (Star Wars)

Another of my Daughter's costumes. The pants are store bought. The under shirt is some left over fabric I had (always keep extra fabric!). I sewed it too small (me and math don't go together well), so added in a gap in the front, with a flap to close. Long sleeves, high neck. I worked with the selvage on the fabric, so the bottom of the shirt has a frayed look without having to do the work. The poncho is made from felt. Very easy to sew and work with. It doesn't fray, so no need for hemming. The straps are ribbon that closely resembles leather, and I bought a leather pouch from a thrift store.

Thanks for looking!
Sydney (Sew Nerdy)

P.S. You can check out more of my husband, Simon MacDonald's LEGO creations here.

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