Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Craftapus's Costume Timeline

Sydney's post inspired me to dig through old pictures of my past costumes. The vast majority of mine are not handmade, but thrown together with a heavy application of zombie make up. Hopefully, you'll get some more ideas!


I believe this is from 1998. I put goth in quotes because I realize that this totally doesn't qualify as "goth"...but whatever, I think it was pretty cute. Also, looking at these pictures make me want to pierce my nose. Oh, and I have no idea what's going on with my arm, but apparently I thought that was sassy or something because every single picture I have in this costume has me doing that pose. 

Ft. Lauderdale Renaissance Faire

My mom and I made this using a standard pattern (can't find a link, sorry!) and the crown of flowers is just made with craft store fakes. P.S. That's not all my own hair. 

"Dead" and Mr. Craftapus as "A Box"

One of my favorite childhood costumes was "dead" where I "killed" myself in as many possible ways as I could think of (gun shot to the head, vampire bites, tire marks on my shirt, I believe I was carrying a phone around since Scream came out that year, ect). Almost every one of the neighbors took pictures of me because they were so impressed/horrified. Unfortunately, I don't think we got a picture of our own. So, this costume was an attempt to recreate my former glory. This time I was only "dead" of one cause, the slit throat, which is a store bought prosthetic with gel blood (check out this video for more info on the different types of fake blood), a good coat of pallor and various decomposition going on thanks to stage make up and to finish off the look, a prosthetic rat that has chewed his way through my throat. This was the first costume to horrify Mr. Craftapus. He hates looking at me in zombie garb and I delight in watching him squirm. 
His costume that year was a box. Seriously. He cut holes in a box, wrote "I am a box" on it and won the costume contest. Life isn't fair sometimes and Mr. Craftapus proves it. 

Zombie Runner

This was for my second zombie walk. I don't seem to have pictures from the first. Anyway, I was a runner who apparently didn't think through her cause of death, but stole someone's intestines to snack on. I made a batch of fake blood for this one with corn syrup and food coloring (instructions here) and the intestines were made with old pantyhose stuffed with fiber fill and soaked with "blood". My eyes have been photoshopped by the way, I didn't have white out contacts (that would have been awesome, but alas, those things are pricey!).

Sarasota Medieval Faire

This one was a slap together job for me. I had been making a historically accurate costume (based on this) but I totally failed at it and this was plan b. The chemise actually worked out, so I have that on (yay, something I sewed worked!) with a store bought corset (not a real corset, just a stretchy, zip up top) and a jersey skirt that I made super quickly the day before. I was pretty disappointed in this one since it was so far from what I imagined.
Mr. Craftapus looks good. I made him those trousers and the tunic with the assistance of my mom (and this pattern) for our first Ren Faire with costume boots and a thirft store coat that he will still totally wear with his everyday clothing if the weather is right. When he does, people talk to him like he's a pirate and he's all "what's wrong with those crazy people?!" and it makes me smile.

Zombie Frumpy Housewife and Zombie Vegetarian

This was for our third zombie walk. This was my first experiment with alcohol activated stage makeup. It's apparently what they use for zombie movies. You mix a solid palette with rubbing alcohol and paint it on. Let me tell you...pain in the butt to get off. But it did last quite a while, so it has it's positives. The prosthetic wounds I created myself with toilet paper and liquid latex (instructions here). The blood here was made with chocolate syrup and food coloring because I found that it's way more pleasant. This trip we made several bottles full to take with us and were very popular on the walk for being able to refill everyone's blood supply. 
Mr. Craftapus wanted to be a vegetarian zombie. He's very resistant to zombie things, so I was only able to do minimal makeup and no prosthetics. I was going to make him green blood and have him carry a head of lettuce, but it just didn't happen for some reason.

There you go! Some of my costumes through the years! 

The Craftapus

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